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5/31/17 - OPENING DAY!

  • TASTING: Brooklyn Cider House
  • TALK: Harvesting wild ramps sustainably by Rick Reilingh - 5:30
  • ART: Indigo Dye! Fiberflame is mixing up vats of brilliant blue indigo dye for the market! Bring old whites to give them new life, bring plain white garments or housewares and jazz them up. The first item can be dyed for free and Fiberflame will have white t-shirts, bibs, onesies and fabric available for purchase for $5 each.
  • VISITING ARTIST: Wonderful, local artist, Will Lytle of Thorneater Comics will be at the market doing his quick, amazing sketches for $1 each. Have him capture your own or a loved one's likeness.
  • VISITING FACEPAINTER: Danielle Payette, the wonderfully talented art teacher at the Woodstock Day School will be on hand from 4:00 PM on to help your child unleash her or his inner tiger, butterfly, bunny, kitty, pirate, Spiderman and more!
  • MUSIC IN THE MARKET: 5:30-7:30 Fiddle Music with Deb Tankard and Friends
  • MUSIC ON THE MAINSTAGE: 5:00-7:00 - The Bunkhouse Boys play Cajun/Creole roots music. Louisiana rice fields, wind over the prairies, gumbo cooking, and back porch music are close to their hearts. They discovered each other in a bunkhouse in Ashokan, New York, while studying the music they all love. Mark Sagar on rhythm guitar, Roger Weiss plays soulful Cajun fiddle, and Laren Droll brings his many years of playing Creole Zydeco accordion. Their beautiful vocals and locked-in rhythm produce the authentic sound of the bayou. Their music makes you want to dance and tugs at your heart.
  • MISCELLANEOUS: Get the edge you need! Bob Sheets of ProSharp Mobile Sharpening in Hudson can sharpen almost any kitchen knife, garden or woodworking tool you can dull. $1 per blade-inch for cooking knives and $7-$10 for clippers.


  • TALK: Learn how to grow your own mushrooms with John Michelotti of Catskill Fungi. John will cover how to grow Shiitake, Oyster, & Lion's Mane mushrooms easily at home as well as growing Oyster mushrooms on your used coffee grounds, how to inoculate your garden with the companion mushroom, Wine-Cap Stropharia, & how to grow mushrooms outside with his ready-to-fruit Shiitake Logs. The Catskill Fungi Booth will have Grow kits, Spawn, and Shiitake Logs for sale through the market season every 1st, 3rd, & 5th Wednesday of the month.
  • MUSIC ON THE MAINSTAGE: Caprice Rouge is an acoustic ensemble playing Balkan, Roma-Gypsy and Klezmer dance tunes! The band explores the winding scales and exotic melodies of music of Eastern Europe from Russian south into Greece, including Bulgaria, Moldova, Hungary, Macedonia, Albania and Turkey. Drawing on styles from Romany musicians, Klezmers, and other folk music traditions, Caprice Rouge brings their own interpretations to these age-old tunes.


  • CONTEST: Strawberry rhubarb pie
  • TALK: Everything you always wanted to know about growing plants & more. Cornell Cooperative Extension's Master Gardeners are community volunteers that take research-based information and extend it to the public. They will be answering gardening question, identifying pests and plants and can also do free pH soil testing if folks would like to bring in 1 cup of dry soil.
  • MUSIC ON THE MAINSTAGE: The Acoustic Medicine Show. Started by singer-songwriter Joe Tobin, the Acoustic Medicine Show uses bluegrass instrumentation and harmonies, blending with jazz, folk, and blues to make their own unique "mountainfolkgrass" music. Joe has written and recorded 3 CD's with various local band members: The Acoustic Medicine Show, Highway 9, and their newly released Steel String Line.


  • TALK & TASTING: 5:30 - Local author, Elaine Khosrova will be reading from her wonderful, new book, Butter: A Rich History, accompanied by a butter tasting.
  • MUSIC ON THE MAINSTAGE: Perry Beekman. Perry Beekman is a rare commodity in the world of classic jazz. A gifted guitarist, vocalist and arranger, he brings a unique trio of musical talents to his passion for the songs of the Great American Songbook. When you add in his quick wit, smart sense of humor and impressive knowledge of the history of American popular song, you’ve got an uplifting, informative and highly entertaining musical experience.
  • MUSIC IN THE MARKET: Fiddle Music with Deb Tankard and Friends


  • DEMO: (TBD) by Rob Handel, chef at Heather Ridge Farm
  • MUSIC ON THE MAINSTAGE: Uncle Rock. Rocking families for over a decade, award-winning troubadour Uncle Rock has been described as a cross between Pete Seeger, Shel Silverstein, and the Ramones.


  • CONTEST: Pickles
  • ART: Fiberflame Studio, activity TBD
  • STORY: Kids' storytime with Heather Longyear, beloved host of the popular story hour at the Long-Year Farm and creator/owner/teacher of Little School on the Farm, a new, play-based preschool located on the beautiful Long-Year Farm, opening in September of 2017.
  • MUSIC ON THE MAINSTAGE: 5:00-7:00 - Brian Madden Neo Trio 


  • CONTEST: Berry jam
  • TALK: Hudson Valley Bee Supply
  • MUSIC ON THE MAINSTAGE: 5:00-7:00 - Mac~$~Cheeze plays the folk music of "other" folks, the country music from other countries. Accordion/sax/percussion playing melodies of Greece; Turkey; Bulgaria; Macedonia; Serbia; Kosovo & Albania.


  • STORY: Storytime with Wendy Weinrich, founder of Mountaintop School, a local Waldorf early childhood learning center.
  • MOVEMENT: 4:45 - Committee member Deb Tankard will offer a Cajun dance lesson to help you take full advantage of the Bunkhouse Boys' set.
  • MUSIC ON THE MAINSTAGE: 5:00-7:00 - The Bunkhouse Boys Cajun music.


  • CONTEST: Peach Pie
  • DRAMA: The cast of "As You Like It" from the Summer Shakespeare Intensive 2017 will present a portion of the play at the market. New Genesis Productions is a highly respected youth theatre specializing in Shakespeare, offering workshops and performances in the Hudson Valley as well as NYC. NGP offers 3 - 2 week full immersion summer day camps for kids and teens.
  • MUSIC ON THE MAINSTAGE: 5:00-7:00 Ratboy Jr is a rocking duo for all ages, a band for the whole fam. They have a knack for blurring the lines and pushing the boundaries between music for kids and music for adults, so that it becomes EVERYONE’S music. 


  • CONTEST: Berry pie
  • CUTE OVERLOAD: Pet Adoption Day! Sponsored by Camp Belly Rub. Pet treats will be for sale, as well.
  • MUSIC ON THE MAINSTAGE: 5:00-7:00 - The Miller Brothers - an oldtime string band based in Newburgh, NY.


  • TALK: Everything you always wanted to know about growing plants & more. Cornell Cooperative Extension's Master Gardeners are community volunteers that take research-based information and extend it to the public. They will be answering gardening question, identifying pests and plants and can also do free pH soil testing if folks would like to bring in 1 cup of dry soil.
  • DEMO: Bee keeping! Michael Reimondo will give a talk about honey bees and answer questions for those who are considering starting their own hive. You can also watch the bees at work in the observation hive. Mike is co-owner of Mira's Naturals, makers or raw handmade honey and beeswax products made right here in Woodstock, NY.
  • MUSIC ON THE MAINSTAGE: 5:00-7:00 - Singer and songwriter Calder Mansfield writes alt rock that is both tender and sardonic. Ida Hakkila of WDST’s The Heavy Light Show says, “While her songs sound current and even cutting edge, Calder Mansfield’s powerhouse vocals hold up with with the best of Janis Joplin, Grace Slick and Joni Mitchell. I know that’s saying a lot, but it’s just true. If you have the chance to see her perform live, you can’t help but get goosebumps.”


  • ART: Fiberflame (activity TBD)


  • CONTEST: Tomato pie
  • MUSIC ON THE MAINSTAGE: 5:00-7:00 - Steven Michael Pague Steven Michael Pague is a singer, songwriter, producer and artist whose style ranges from ballad to reggae, folk to rock and more. He has worked with Emmy Lou Harris, Richie Havens, Van Morrison, Traffic, Joe Cocker, David Darling, Baba Olatundji and many others. Whatever the size of the venue, Steven creates an intimate, inspiring atmosphere, inviting dance, listening, participation in the song, sharing uplifting music and songs of longing, hope, love, light and joy.


  • TALK/DEMO: Woodstock Healing Arts is a multidisciplinary, team-based health and wellness center  in Woodstock, NY. Owner and practitioner Ben Fleisher will give a talk about integrative health and they will offer chair massages and acupuncture consultations.
  • MUSIC ON THE MAINSTAGE: 5:00-7:00 - Fatima & David Gilmore.


  • CONTEST: Salsa!
  • MUSIC ON THE MAINSTAGE: 5:00-7:00 - Cleoma's Ghost. Cleoma's Ghost is a Cajun Duo who play traditional and old-time fiddle-based Cajun music. Roger Weiss, on fiddle and Buffy Lewis on guitar, have been crafting their musical style together over the past 19 years.The energy, passion and drive they bring to the music can be felt whether on the dance floor, at a house concert, at a festival or farmer's market. Their authentic Cajun sound is sweet and sassy with a rhythm that will make you want to dance and a fiddle that may just break your heart.


  • TALK/DEMO:  Woodstock Healing Arts will offer acupuncture consults, chair massages and a selection of all natural, highest quality teas, tinctures, and other products for sale from their in-house apothecary.


CONTEST: Apple Pie!


  • TBD


  • CONTEST: Pumpkin pie (or winter squash of your choice)
  • Hot chocolate and hot apple cider sold by Farm Fest


  • Hot chocolate and hot apple cider sold by Farm Fest


  • Last day of 2017 :(
  • Hot chocolate and hot apple cider sold by Farm Fest